American Journal of Water Science and Engineering

Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021

  • Technology Research for Rotor Wedge Installation of Hydrogenerator

    Zhou Ruoyu

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 97-102
    Received: 30 May 2021
    Accepted: 17 June 2021
    Published: 8 July 2021
    Abstract: When the rotor of the hydroelectric generator is running, the centrifugal force of the rotor rim is very high. Centrifugal force will produce obvious radial deformation on the rotor rim lamination, which will cause a radial separation gap between the rim and the rotor spider. The larger the diameter of the rotor, the larger the separation gap, ther... Show More
  • Forecasting of Monthly Flow for the White Nile River (South Sudan)

    Tariq Mahgoub Mohamed

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 103-112
    Received: 31 March 2021
    Accepted: 22 April 2021
    Published: 18 August 2021
    Abstract: Forecasting of monthly streamflow for the White Nile River at Malakal station is a crucial aspect for different water resources projects in both countries Sudan and South Sudan. For instance, the operation of Jabal al Awliya dam in central Sudan entirely depends upon the measured flow of this station. In this paper, linear stochastic models well-kn... Show More
  • Hydrogeochemistry and Health Risks Assessment of Some Groundwaters Suitability for Drinking Within the Urban Region of Unguja Island, Zanzibar

    Ochieng O. Anthony, Ali Salim Ali, Hekimani Seif Hamad, Mariam Khamis Hamad, Khamis Abubakar Juma

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2021
    Pages: 113-125
    Received: 25 August 2021
    Accepted: 6 September 2021
    Published: 10 September 2021
    Abstract: Majority of the Island inhabitants depends on groundwaters for drinking therefore the hydrogeochemistry and health risks assessment with respect to WHO standards is absolutely essential for protection policy formulation. The groundwater samples for analyses were collected from selected four wells within each (Chukwani-Mbweni, DarajaMbovu - Amani an... Show More